Pre-design works

  1. visit of the ground, discussion of the landscaping concept;
  2. measurements, pre-design offer (rough drawing);

Project part

  1. master plan;
  2. dendroplan, planting report;
  3. engineering (plans, profiles);
  4. visualization;
  5. scheme of sprinkling, lighting, video surveillance and snow melting systems;
  6. development of small architectural forms;
  7. vertical area design;
  8. documentation on budget estimate for works performance;

Works on area gardening and landscaping

  1. area zoning in line with the project;
  2. lawn arrangement;
  3. planting of trees, bushes and creation of hedges;
  4. creation of rock gardens and flower-beds;
  5. arrangement of paths and playgrounds;
  6. construction of ponds, springs, water cascades, etc.;
  7. creation of sprinkling systems;
  8. creation of area lighting systems;
  9. mounting of video surveillance systems;

Designer’s supervision

Facilities servicing