Rest at the lake

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Source data. Designer had to work on the arrangement of the garden of the existing hotel and restaurant complex.

the wishes of the customer. the New recreation area with a large pond to equip the territory that was previously used under the Hippodrome.

Suggestions for improvement. Designer offered to equip the Playground-dance floor with separate tables and green area for a photo shoot.


Garden over the river

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Source data. plot with an area of 10 acres located in the private sector. On the territory were already built a new modern house with a view on the Dnipro river, HOSPIMedica and framed canopy in the area of the entrance group.

the wishes of the customer. to Create a garden, compliment the natural beauty of the location of the plot. To preserve elements of pristine nature.

Suggestions for improvement. Coastline is steep descent to water the designer offered us to develop as a large terrace on the metal frame with a total area of about 2 hectares.

”Mir novosyela”, No.43, April-May 2010, p. 61-63

Fundamentals of landscaping

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At every site there are many views related to building corners, doors, windows, therefore an architect should foresee such issues as a view from a kitchen, sitting room window, etc. Lines in geometry of paths, ponds and small architectural forms should not be chosen by chance. Having an understanding that finally this work is performed for them, clients are ready to provide all necessary information for further development of a high-quality project.

Some clients think that a project is a waste of time and money since everything can be designed and realized on the spot. In fact, a project is an exact representation of the area arrangement and it is required to save time and money at the stage of realization. One may arrange the work flow in an optimal way resulting in a rational use of time. Besides, the project eradicates a number of issues arising during works performance at the land site and provides a clear understating of the final result and costs involved. You can not reach a similar result by applying the so called “on the spot” approach. All stages of works should be conducted in a proper sequence and that is the only way you can achieve the best result.

”Mir novosyela”, No. 44, June-July 2010, p. 111

House arrangement

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A preparation stage is the hardest and physically most demanding phase of work. By seeing ditches for sprinkling, drainage systems and for path base as well as tons of mud and a pile of construction materials at the land site, a client sometimes is slightly shocked and looses faith that one day his/her backyard is going to be beautiful.

Often, by project realization the client means planting of vegetation, arrangement of flower-beds and lawns, although these works are conducted at the final stage which is the most noticeable and not time-consuming.

”Mir novosyela”, No. 45, August-September 2010, p. 85

House arrangement

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In properly designed gardens we sense harmony of forms and colours, balanced combination of colour shades and density of tree tops during each season.

A constant cycle of substituting deflorated plants with those that only start blossoming is of the same importance. At the same time, garden’s beauty and harmony shall be preserved. For instance, even in a cold winter evergreen plants standing out of bold tops of leaf-losing trees will give the garden a touch of cosiness. And that is the result every specialist in landscaping craves to obtain.

ASS. “Landshaft”. No.2, 2008. p. 53.

TERRACES. Landscaping a trade complex

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The territory of a trade complex in Kirovograd with a total area of 2,400 sq. m was a subject to improvement. The main task, which a landscape architect faced, was to arrange the surroundings in a way enabling obtainment of an optimal balance between the area planned for outdoor activities and the area with plantings.

Moreover, it was important to preserve the balance between the area functionality and harmony since it is visible in all neighbouring buildings and in the trade complex.

Real Home. No. 14, 2/2010. p. 48-55.

Secrets of modern landscape. About ponds in private houses.

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A pond is considered to be a glory of a garden for a reason. A calm surface of the pond brings an air of carelessness and calm to the garden and fountains, waterfalls or a spring introduce dynamics and vigour. There are two major styles of garden arrangement: a landscape (maximally approached to the nature) and a designer one (more creative). Designer ponds are usually realized within some concept, for example, Japanese rock garden.

If a site has no determined evident style, there is more room for choosing a landscape pond. Pond of any form looks beautiful if its waterside is paved with stone and trimmed with grass and bushes. Such landscape is a pleasure to the eye in any weather or season if viewed through glass walls or big windows facing the pond.